Based on more than 130 years of experience, we develop and research with the claim: “Only those who lead can determine the direction”. With this goal in mind, we create classic bedding of the highest quality.

The effects of passive changes to the climate of the bed on your sleep

A standard duvet or a duvet with climate zones? The results of the study:

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Analysis of the thermal properties of three different types of duvets

The report on the renowned Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research compares the heat penetration of three duvets one of which was the CLIMABALANCE® duvet.

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Expert report on CLIMABALANCE® in hospitals

Can the bed climate in the case of hospital patients modulate the body’s own defence systems and thus the risk of infection?

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Expert report on the climate duvet according to Dr. Schulz

The differences between a conventional duvet and an air-conditioned duvet in terms of heat and moisture dissipation.

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Clinical application test, CLIMABALANCE®

A clinical application test of CLIMABALANCE® duvets and CLIMABALANCE® Mattress toppers in five patients with atopic eczema.

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Effects of CLIMABALANCE® on your sleeping behaviour

Empirical investigation into the extent to which the two CLIMABALANCE® products developed by Sanders actually lead to a scientifically proven improvement in sleep behaviour and sleep quality.

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